Every couple has a story. We care about your story.

Mark Twain

Wedding Films

July 26, 2018

Ticklebelly Hill Wedding Film

This Ticklebelly Hill wedding film is a tear-jerker…it will get you. It got us. But really, it’s Orry that got us. He knocked it out of the park with his vows and we’re lovin it! Maybe Orry can be a professional vow writer (is that even a thing?)! Either way, I think we all agree that Orry has set quite a standard.

We’ve since met with some fantastic couples whose weddings we look forward to filming in 2019. The reality is that each couple is unique and we strive to create wedding films that are unique to the couple. On our website we have a section on “what drives us”. Of the four, I want to mention two: that we believe your wedding film or photos should be driven by the natural uniqueness of your wedding day and that the true beauty of your wedding film or photos come from the emotions captured. If it rains on your day, it rains (yes, we’d prefer it not to), but that’s your day! If you cry, you cry, if you laugh, you laugh, if it’s a mess, it’s a mess (you get the idea) all of which culminate into your wedding day, and it’s yours, truly yours. To us, that’s beautiful.

That said, enjoy this Ticklebelly Hill wedding film from Christina and Orry’s day. You can watch their full length feature film here.