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August 9, 2018

Our Favourite Wedding Photo (Our Wedding)

Our first personal post! We really hope to fill this section more – now that we’re actually caught up with blogging all our weddings from last year! Say what?!! Yes, it’s a miracle. I can’t remember the last time we were all caught up on wedding blogs – so this is a first for us!

Back to the intended post. To share a little more about us, I’m originally from India. More specifically, from the state of Mizoram. It’s a beautiful little state nestled in mountains. Jordan grew up in Nova Scotia, near the ocean in Monastery. When we tied the knot, we ended up having two ceremonies! One in Mizoram and the other in the backyard of my parent-in-laws! When on the phone with my dad about our Mizo wedding he said, “I think we’ll have a small wedding…about 200 people or so”! There were about 500 people who celebrated with us!!

So, here it is friends, our/my favourite photo from our wedding in Mizoram.

The favourite wedding photo of Jordan & Judith, Saint John, New Brunswick, wedding photographers and filmmakers


We were very fortunate to have my family take care of all the planning for our wedding in Mizoram. We literally showed up and got married! Jordan had no idea what to expect and to be perfectly honest, neither did I. I can see how this scenario can totally stress someone out – just showing up, getting married whilst not having a clue what’s been planned (LOL). But, that drives my point home as to why this is my/our favourite photo.

While style and taste of photography has a small part to play with my choice, I cannot deny how every time I look at this photo I FEEL that day. I re-live the chaos, rambunctiousness, sounds and our cluelessness. I love that it isn’t perfect, because, that WAS the day! I love that when you look at this photo, it’s confusing because, it WAS confusing. And I love that you can’t even pick us out right away because it allows me to look at everyone else and the little details of what’s going on! Simply put, my heart actually feels like it’s bursting with joy when I look at this image.

I am so glad we have this photo. What about you? What is your favourite wedding photo? Is it different than what you imagined it would be?