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Mark Twain

Wedding Films

January 11, 2018

A Folksy Fredericton Wedding – Micah & Johanna

Weddings are such a wonderful occasion and even more so when it is your friend’s or loved one. Best of all, when you get to capture their moments for them and create a cinematic wedding film!

Micah and Johanna’s Fredericton wedding was nothing short of beautiful. The way couples incorporate their sense of identity, personality and style is always worth anticipating. To Micah and Johanna, their faith had deep roots in their coming together as husband and wife. They wanted their commitment to each other to point to a greater love. The officiant put it perefectly when he said, “the union of man and wife is a mystery. It is profound and it refers to Christ and the church. This is more than two people entering a life together, more than sharing a roof, this is a union which is itself more and which points to something more as well”.

We loved and respected how Micah and Johanna wanted to be an example of having a wedding that was simple and lovely. They focused their efforts on what truly mattered to them and did not stress out about the rest. They put their heads together, got creative had a blast. We are so grateful to have been a part of what was important to them in documenting their wedding day.