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Mark Twain

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December 20, 2016

Elegant Maritime Wedding | Arisaig Village, NS

It’s funny how much you can learn about people simply by attending their wedding. For one – I learned that I knew Jenna through a mutual friend back when she was in high school. And although we had hung out a handful times, I didn’t even realize that we were filming the same Jenna who I had met years ago! Halfway through the portrait session I said, “Didn’t we know each other from years ago?!” Elliot is a different story. Although we didn’t meet Elliot until the morning of the actual wedding day – it certainly did not feel that way when we left. We learned that in addition to the amiable, pleasant, well-spoken Elliot that we saw throughout most of the day, there was another side of him that slowly came into view as the reception lights grew dim. Ladies and gentlemen – I give you… “E”! That’s right. “E” seemed to be the other side of Elliot that only comes out when certain pals are around, and perhaps when the party is a-brewin’. And although I don’t think we experienced the full presence of “E” on the wedding day, we were presented with some very memorable stories (and photos) during the toasts portion of the night.

Just seeing these two interact with their family and friends all day spoke volumes to what kind of people they are. They love their family and friends, and they wanted their day to be one large gathering of new friends and old. As wedding filmmakers, we wanted that relational element to really come through in their film. We also wanted to tell to story of their love through the wonderful toasts that were given throughout the night. And thanks to the givers of some very well-put-together toasts, we were able to do just that.

We also need to give a big shout out to the awesome vendors we worked side-by-side with all day long. Photographers – Michelle & Jordan from Hind Hart Studios, and Jenna Marie from J Marie weddings. Each of these women were amazing and handled their part in the day beautifully. Hats off to y’all!

Planner: J Marie Weddings

Photographer: Hind Hart Studios

Venue: St. Francis Xavier University