What drives us

We believe that your film and photos should be driven by the natural uniqueness of your wedding day.

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We believe that the true beauty of a film or photo comes from the emotions it has captured.

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We believe that 'timeless' surpasses 'trendy'.

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We believe that your wedding is so much more than a single event. It is the celebration of two individuals committing to a lifetime of mutual love and faithfulness.

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"From the first meeting with them to the very last moment on the wedding day, Jordan and Judith were nothing but professional, kind, friendly, funny and overall awesome. You can tell they genuinely care about you and your story. They don't push or force you to pose in a certain way, they let you be the way you are and magically capture the beauty from it instead. They just know how to make you feel comfortable in front of camera. I don't know how they do it, but you will get all these awesome shots of the day that you didn't even notice they were there."

MK & Matt

"Jordan and Judith are absolutely amazing to work with. They know what they're doing and have a perfect system organized down to the last detail. Rather than adding to the stress of my wedding, they significantly reduced it. And coming from someone who is very uncomfortable being infant of a camera and can never seem to take a good photo, they do an amazing job helping to position you and make you feel comfortable."

Kat & Morgan

"Our “highlights film” was a perfect reflection of the events and mood of our wedding day. It was clear that so much time and love went into every second of editing. They not only captured the day, but also pieced everything together to create such a beautiful story that reflects us so well. Jordan and Judith are extremely talented. Our friends and family all thought the film was stunning and emotional (many admitted to crying!)."

Cathy & Andrew

"We just sat and looked through our photos taken by Jordan & Judith! We laughed and cried, and honestly they are beyond better than we even expected. We had a blast with them, we were comfortable and they never made us feel like we were posing. They were able to capture our love and memories in such a way that we can never thank them enough for. It was our best financial investment for our whole wedding for sure! Thank you!!!"

Heather & Craig

"Thanks again to Jordan and Judith for capturing our big day. Both were so professional and easy to work with. Having a cinematographer capture your wedding is indispensable for lifelong memories. I highly recommend them for your event, their work is nothing short of spectacular."

Manon & Mathieu

Photo by Caro Photo

"I didn't think Jordan & Judith could impress me more than what I had already seen them do but I was floored when I saw our video! The way they were able to capture the special moments and take video of times I wouldn't even have thought to tell them was amazing. When they were video taping it was as if they weren't there and because of that they were able to capture all of the moments so naturally. It couldn't have turned out better! If you're questioning a wedding video please take a look at what they have done and you will realize it is needed."

Laura & Bobby

Photo by Danique Rowsell

Kind Words

Jordan grew up in the small town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He spent his early years playing pond hockey, drawing, hunting squirrels, driving four-wheelers, skateboarding, practicing to become a ninja, and making funny home videos. 


Judith is from Mizoram - a State hidden by mountains in the beautiful region of North East India. She spent her younger years  climbing trees, playing hide-and-go-seek, watching snake charmers, and beating up on her two brothers. 


Our own love story began in university through a mutual passion for photography, music, reading and our  Christian faith.


With a helpful nudge from some friends and family members, our 7-year friendship developed into a lifelong romance.


We got married... twice! The first wedding was in Mizoram, India - where Judith is from, and the second was in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, in Jordan's parent's backyard.  


Now, we call Saint John home and we have so much to be grateful for. Whether we are taking photographs or creating a film our end goal remains the same: to capture the natural beauty and emotion of the day in a way that moves the viewer.


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